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Representation in Bulgaria

Address of the Representation:

40, Europa St., bldg. 6, Pomorie, Burgas Region, 8200

It is registered in the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry on 31.01.2012.

In order to obtain residence permit in Bulgaria in accordance with the legislation one will need to establish a Trade Representation of a foreign company in Bulgaria which shall be registered in the BCCI (Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry).

This Trade Representation shall not be entitled to engage in any financial and economic activities. Correspondingly, accounts and records shall not be submitted to the Bulgarian tax authorities. The Representation shall report only to its holding company domiciled outside Bulgaria.

Please note that a holding company can only be a legal entity. Undoubtedly there are firms helping to register representations for an IE (individual entrepreneur). But one should remember that an individual entrepreneur in the RF is an individual, but not a legal entity, although it is engaged in the commercial activity. Non-commercial organizations and charity funds shall neither have Trade Representations.

The number of representatives is not stipulated by the legislation, but we recommend registering no more than 2 representatives for one Trade Representation.

Registration service of a foreign company Trade Representation costs EUR 1,500 + EUR 500 for the second representative.

The list of documents for opening a Trade Representation of a foreign company in Bulgaria is as follows:
1. Certificate of making record about the commercial organization in EGRYUL (Unified State Register of Legal Entities) and assignment of OGRN (Primary State Registration Number) – notarized copies. Where can one obtain them? The document with holograms is issued by the Federal Tax Service Inspection upon company registration.
2. Certificate on assignment of INN (Taxpayer Identification Number) and KPP (Tax Registration Reason Code) to a commercial organization – notarized copies.
3. Extract from EGRYUL (validity term shall be 3 months upon issue thereof) – original or a notarized copy.
4. Shareholder’s resolution (if there is one shareholder) of the general meeting of the shareholders of the commercial organization on intention to establish a Trade Representation in Bulgaria – 1 copy in Russian.
5. Power of Attorney issued by the Director General of a commercial organization to a representative – notarized copy. It is required upon registration of persons other than the organization’s shareholder as representatives thereof.
6. Power of Attorney issued by the Director General of a commercial organization to an authorized person in Bulgaria (usually a lawyer) which will submit documents to the BCCI – notarized copy.
7. Consent and Sample of a representative`s signature (this document should contain the consent to be a representative and the signatures` samples) – notarized copy.
8. International passport and passport of the RF citizen of the commercial organization shareholder – scanned copies.
9. International passport of a representative in Bulgaria – scanned copy. This shall be done upon registration of persons other than empowered representative (i. e. shareholder).