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LLC Dominant

Dominant LLC

INN (taxpayer identification code) 7105038484
KPP (tax registration reason code) 772601001

Registered address:

LLC «Dominant» 115191, Moscow, str., Bol. Starodanilovsky per., d. 2, p. 7 FL.1, POM. 7130

Bank requisites:
Beneficiary:Dominant s.r.o.

Bank of beneficiary: Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Nordoberpfalz eG pobocka Cheb

Kubelikova 4,35002 Cheb, Ceska Republika

IBAN CZ3280300000190002107960


Tel.: +7 (499) 703-40-16

Mob.: +7 (910) 554-04-77

E-mail: tula-dominant@yandex.ru,

Information for businesses and entrepreneurs:
for commercial proposals and working with us, please send your letters to e-mail: tula.dominant@gmail.com
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